About Us

Blending the science of marketing with the art of connecting people, Edge develops products that remove obstacles to growth. In working closely with clients for over 20 years, we’ve identified needs and solved problems by creating something new. All along the way, our company culture and the work we deliver has consistently reflected people-first values.

The products we develop, like Formulate, solve a problem in the marketplace. As a team of seasoned marketers, we took a product like a web calculator and turned it into a lead generating, trackable customer service focused tool that is easy to manage and customize while also being a practical and affordable solution that equalizes accessibility for those internet users with disabilities.

This blend of values and skills is what makes Edge a pretty unique product developer and marketing partner.

What We Do

In addition to creating products like Formulate, our team has the following expertise:

Media Campaigns and Strategy

Content and Design

Development and Support

Edge multimedia and marketing team
Edge multimedia and marketing team

What We’re About

  • A people-first approach
  • Partnership – not vendor-ship (that’s not a word!)
  • Marketing with empathy
  • Collaboration as an extension of your team
  • Innovation that removes obstacles

Edge is a well-respected, full-service boutique digital marketing firm with a strong foundation in marketing technology. We work with clients from all over the United States and are invited to speak at events, conferences, and webinars to help educate marketing leaders.

At Edge, we love to build relationships and foster meaningful connections that result in growth for everyone – and have fun along the way.