It’s All in the Hub.

With the Formulate Hub, you can:

Track Leads

Add your GTM container to all of your calculators to allow more granular usage tracking and lead generation

Bring Your Brand Forward

Customize your CTA text, links, and surrounding copy to match your brand tone and generate leads

Customize Titles

Name your calculators to fit your brand – for example, if your Savings account is called Simple Savings – you can rename the calculator to match

Access Resources

Gain access to documentation on calculator installation and Google Tag Manager configuration, as well as the dedicated Formulate Hub support form.

Update Rates

Easily modify the default values on your calculator to showcase your current rates and promotional offers

Manage Users

Edit which team members have access to your Formulate Hub

The Formulate Hub makes it easy for you to leverage your online calculators to generate leads, support your brand and provide an amazing user experience.

Empower your digital marketing team

Integrating the most user-friendly web calculator on the market with the most client-centric web calculator available – the Formulate Hub makes it easy for your team to super-serve your audience, underscore your brand promise, and grow brand loyalty.